Identify, Track and Capture Local Market Advertising Dollars with Media Ad View

U.S. local advertising revenues will exceed $172 billion by 2020 (source: BIA U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2016.) Understand this competitive market by tracking where advertising dollars are going (i.e. media) and who is spending those dollars (i.e. business verticals) with Media Ad View local market advertising forecast reports.

Media Ad View is a powerful suite of reports designed to help local media companies understand and capture revenue opportunities across local markets, business verticals, and media sectors.

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Media Ad View Reports Help You...
  • UNDERSTAND ad spend in local markets
  • UNLOCK new revenue opportunities
  • DEFINE the addressable market by business category, media sector, and geography
  • GROUND strategic planning in solid research
  • CAPTURE revenue in emerging markets and media sectors
Media Ad View Reports Cover...
  • ALL U.S. television markets and Census Bureau statistical areas
  • TWELVE media sectors including online, mobile, television, radio, and direct mail
  • TWELVE top advertising verticals like automotive, education, retail, and health care
  • NINETY-FOUR subcategories like tire dealers, technical and trade schools, hardware stores, dentists, and many more!

“We’ve been a user of Media Ad View data for several years and it’s invaluable for identifying new opportunities to generate advertising revenue. The level of detail around all the business categories allows us to drill down and identify ad prospects and their media channels of choice so we can train and position our sales teams effectively. I believe Media Ad View has helped me find revenue I might have otherwise missed.”

“I use Media Ad View in a number of different markets to understand and establish benchmarking goals. Too many times, media and sports properties narrowly focus on the market revenue affiliated with their particular sector rather than on the total available media dollars. Media Ad View explains the size of a local market and each category thoroughly, giving us a complete picture of the total ad dollars available in a local market. It’s invaluable.”

“Before BIA/Kelsey, we only had information on ad spending for television. Now, with the BIA/Kelsey’s Media Ad View, we get a perspective on the total ad spend for each of our markets.”

“Media Ad View shows us where various types of businesses spent local media dollars today and where they are likely to spend tomorrow. These insights are critical in helping us determine the types of media we source for Adverator users.”

Media Ad View Reporting Suite

Media Ad View reports provide the detail you need to better understand your local advertising landscape. Choose from four different reports that deliver ad information by market, vertical subcategories or nationwide.

Market Ad View Report
  • Quick scan of single market, 12 media, 12 verticals
  • Local ad spend in market across 12 media sectors, cross referenced against 12 ad categories
  • Powerful snapshot to focus sales team and understand all paid media spending to target local audiences
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Media Ad View Plus Report
  • Full analytics for one market, across 12 media, 12 verticals and 94 vertical subcategories (View all subcategories)
  • Contains all the data in other reports
  • Excel format for easy data import into CRM and other tools
  • Raw data can be used in financial projections, presentations, sales sheets, investment prospectuses, and more
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Vertical Ad View Report
  • Deep view of 1 vertical subcategory across 12 media, for one local market (View all subcategories)
  • Graphical, chart-based presentation of today’s spend and five year projection
  • Helps you design a research-driven vertical strategy
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Nationwide Ad View Report
  • Aggregated summary of 210 markets, 12 media, 12 verticals 94 vertical subcategories (View all subcategories)
  • Industry’s most comprehensive overview of all paid media spending targeting local audiences
  • Understand nationwide spending by vertical to compare to individual markets
  • Identify media where verticals are spending their advertising dollars
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Available Markets, Media, Verticals
Reports are available for all 210 local markets for the following media, verticals and sub vertical categories.
Cable TV
Direct Mail
Internet Yellow Pages
Magazines (Print & Online)
Newspaper (Print & Online)
Print Yellow Pages
Radio (OTA & Online)
Television (OTA & Online)
Verticals (Available for all media) No. of Vertical Subcategories
Automotive 5
Education 4
Finance/Insurance 11
General Services 11
Govt/Political/Religion 0
Health Care 8
Leisure/Recreation 10
Media 5
Real Estate 0
Restaurants/Food Services 7
Retail 28
Technology 3
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Advertising estimates for the 12 primary media sectors in local markets and nationwide

Understand the size of your market; compare how your media is performing against your competitors and peers

Five year ad spending forecasts for all 12 media sectors and each business category, compared with the nation as a whole

Identify future opportunities or threats; estimate future revenue potential based on your expected market share; design winning sales strategies

Markets defined by the U.S. Census Bureau’s 362 Core Based Statistical Areas or 210 local TV markets

Focus on the market definition most relevant for your business

Detailed breakdown of local advertisers into 94 subcategories

Conduct comparative analyses of your potential customers and the opportunity to pursue targeted strategies

Identification of pure online ad spending by business category

Assess the opportunity or threat from the shift to digital

Aggregation of market totals for multiple market purchasers

Compare each of your markets; generate a composite of all markets

Forecasts of what local TV stations and cable systems are generating in local markets

View “pure” estimates of what local TV stations are generating in a particular market, without mixing other national data including network advertising

Reports delivered in Excel format (Local Ad View Excel)

Report data can be easily viewed, cross-referenced, sorted, printed, compared, and exported into your chosen application

Downloadable reports

Easily generate high quality presentations

Quick print pages and a linked table of contents

Search and cross reference data quickly and effectively

BIA’s research and competitive intelligence is backed by our sound, industry-proven forecasting methods and experience

When basing critical company decisions on research data, you can be confident in these reports; truth be told, even our competitors purchase and use our research