U.S. Local Advertising Forecast

Twice a year, BIA publishes its U.S. Local Advertising Forecast that provides a national overview of U.S. spending in local markets. The 2021 forecast represents our main yearly update. Quarterly updates will capture ongoing developments and analytical assessments.

The forecast covers all media, offering a comprehensive and authoritative view of all “local” advertising spent by national and regional companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

The U.S. Local Advertising Forecast is helpful to:

Understand the market outlook now and in five years

Gain insights around the key drivers and assumptions behind top-line numbers

Drill down into specific media to track activity and opportunity

U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2021

The U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2021 delivers a five-year nationwide overview of total U.S. spending in local markets and market-based advertising revenue estimates for top media. BIA Advisory Services defines local advertising as all advertising platforms that provide access to local audiences for national, regional and local marketers.

Additionally, the forecast contains predictions for 2021 from BIA’s Managing Director, Rick Ducey, covering performance-based advertising, OTT/CTV, data privacy issues, and linear and digital media activations. Contents include:

  • Total U.S. ad spending nationally and in local markets (analysis and insights by BIA Chief Economist and analyst team)
  • Local advertising five-year forecast
  • Digital and traditional media share of wallet
  • Top 5 Media by spend
  • Share of Wallet across media for 2021
  • COVID’s effect on 2021
  • TV and Radio Markets Local Media Ad Spend
  • Top verticals driving ad revenue for TV, Radio and Digital
  • What to watch: Predictions for 2021

The forecast delivers a thorough look at the trends affecting media/advertising platforms.

Read public findings from the forecast now.

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Direct Mail

Local Video

(Over-the-Air-Television, Local Cable Television, Out-of-Home/OOH Video)






(Print & Internet Yellow Pages)


Local Magazines



Annual revenue changes for each media

Local video advertising revenues distribution across media

Share of mobile ad spend by format (e.g., display, search, SMS)

Local versus national ad spend for mobile and social

Local search versus top-line search revenue

Google: 2016 Top-Line Search Leader

Social trends around Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

BIA defines local advertising as all advertising platforms that provide access to local audiences for national, regional and local marketers.