Assess potential market opportunities and track competitive opportunities and threats

BIA Advisory Services delivers a wide range of broadcast engineering and FCC competitive intelligence services. Our services include FCC activity tracking,  “what if” analysis for FM allocation and data services for radio and television and detailed engineering studies.

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BIA performs engineering and FCC competitive intelligence services using both FCC databases and our proprietary databases.

Covering all the technical, operational, ownership and competitive information on local broadcast properties, our databases are the most accurate and dependable sources available for broadcast business intelligence.

FCC Public Notice Monitoring


FLAG automates the work required to monitor a station or geographic area at the FCC. Acting like an alert system, FLAG searches FCC Public Notice items and generates a report detailing all recent activities that impact your monitored station using distance and FCC spacing criteria. FLAG reports are delivered weekly (or on-demand) in an HTML format that is easy to read and share with colleagues or clients.

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Who uses FLAG?
  • Broadcasters use these tools to monitor activity affecting their stations and track the competition as they prepare to purchase, sell or upgrade facilities.
  • Law firms rely on these tools for real-time information of client facilities and applications.
Use the information you receive from FLAG to:
  • Meet FCC guidelines and avoid costly mistakes
  • Improve and protect facility signals
  • Manage stations effectively
  • Track competition
  • Find potential allocation conflicts and evaluating changes
  • Detect city of license changes or license cancellations
Searches can be done by:
  • Application number
  • Application contact email
  • Call signs
  • Facility ID
  • Frequency
  • Application service
  • Application status and owner/licensee name

FLAG is simple to set up and works continuously to track and report on markets, stations, locations and application filings at the FCC.